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Rose Nylund Glass Votive Altar Candle from Flaming Idols. Whether you're a recovering Catholic or a witchy satanist pagan – or both! - this altar candle will fill your homosexual spiritual needs.

Rose Nylund was a fictional character on The Golden Girls portrayed by Betty White. Rose was an innocent farm girl from St.Olaf, MN who loved to share stories of her bizarre and naïve childhood. Rose was demure when it came to sex, though she alluded to wild sexual escapades with her late husband. When propositioned by a lesbian acquaintance she replied that if she was gay, she'd be “flattered and proud” to be the crushed on.

You might light this candle and look to Rose for inspiration and guidance in: Volunteering your time in service of others, embracing rural/farm identity, changing careers

Candle is 2.5in high and 2in wide at the base. Burns for approximately 10 hrs. Designed with love by Flaming Idols in Philadelphia, PA.