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Frank Ocean Glass Votive Altar Candle from Flaming Idols. Whether you're a recovering Catholic or a witchy satanist pagan – or both! - this altar candle will fill your homosexual spiritual needs.

Frank is known for defying people's desires to box him in, and he likens his ability to do this in the realm of music to doing this in the realm of sexuality. When asked if he identifies as bisexual, he said, “...the same sentiment that I have towards genres of music, I have towards a lot of labels and boxes and shit.” He has said forthrightly that he has experienced romantic love for other men, and is often credited as the first major rapper to say so. Thanks, Frank, for living outside the box.

You might light this candle and look to Frank for inspiration and guidance in: living outside the box, processing unrequited love, changing your name

Candle is 2.5in high and 2in wide at the base. Burns for approximately 10 hrs.